Laktat-Clearance, oder warum der Begriff inkorrekt ist …

Bildschirmfoto 2016-08-24 um 10.39.41Jean-Louis Vincent und Kollegen haben einen sehr interessanten Übersichtsartikel zum Laktat und der Laktat-Clearance geschrieben

Vincent JL et al.  The value of blood lactate kinetics in critically ill patients: a systematic review.  Critical Care (2016) 20:257

Zum Begriff der Laktat-Clearance schrieben die Kollegen:

„A number of investigators have used the term “lactate clearance”  to describe decreasing lactate levels, but this is incorrect for two reasons. The first is that the changes in lactate concentrations over time reflect changes in production and in elimination. The decrease in lactate over time may reflect decreased (over)production more than increased clearance by the liver and other organs. „

„The second reason why use of the term is incorrect is that “clearance”  or “ elimination”  implies a progressive normalization of blood lactate concentrations, which is too simplistic. Blood lactate concentrations can have a complex evolution and may even increase over time, a situation that one should then call “ negative lactate clearance” .“

Lesen Sie den gesamten Artikel in Critical Care (PDF). auf TWITTER

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